Ruby on Rails

Has anyone gotten Ruby on Rails working on Dreamhost? I have been following these instructions:

But I’m still having problems. I think that things have changed with the 0.11.1 release that make these instructions obsolete.

Right now I’m stuck trying to get apache to run dispatch.cgi. I keep getting an error that says “Premature end of script headers: /home/username/domain/my_rails_site/public/dispatch.cgi”

So it seems like it’s trying to run my cgi script but it doesn’t quite succeed.

Carl Youngblood

Yes, I did follow the link. It only tells you how to set up rails, but it is still not working after you follow all the steps. Sure, you can see the static HTML welcome page, but try running a real rails app and you’ll know what I mean. The CGI dispatching script still doesn’t work.