Ruby on Rails

I’ve been reading up on the Ruby-on-Rails ( ) web development framework. Has anyone checked it out or tried something with it yet?

It looks very cool and I’d like to try some stuff with it. I can play with it on my own Mac, but I’m wondering if I’ll eventually be able to push out apps on my domain at DH. RoR requires Ruby 1.8.1, and DH only has 1.6.7. Is there any way to install 1.8.x locally for my domain and tell apache to use that? Any other ideas?

I’ve been interested in the same ideas. I asked DH support about ruby 1.8.2 and they replied that they would install it as soon as a Debian-stable package for it was available…

They mentioned that I was welcome to install the package locally, but I doubt that I could use it on my own port, so that wouldn’t do much good for a web site…

I hope that DH could eventually pick up ruby as a real CGI/web application framework, as other hosts are starting to do!

People are just popping new programming languages out of their [beep]s, eh? Lol… Hard to keep up.

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Ruby is a wonderful programming language, and Rails is the most impressive and productive web framework I’ve seen already.
DH, should update ruby and make Rails available to us. This both tools are very simple and fast, to be installed.

Rails On Debian

Please DreamHost, give us this gift! :slight_smile:

I agree. I’ve just started to play around with Ruby on Rails and would like to be able to use it on dreamhost too.

Damn those aren’t the answers I wanted :wink:

I’d love to be able to develop with ruby and rails on the server - but nedric and Dreamhost have it right. It’s not stable for ‘Woody’ yet. The stable version of Ruby just isn’t good enough for Gems or Rails so we’ll have to wait.

Well to be honest I’m glad that DH are concentrating on stability.

Stability be damned! I’ve written up instructions on how to install ruby, rails, and Tracks (as that’s all I wanted to use) on a Dreamhost account.

It’s slow, I wouldn’t use it for anything production wise (hell, this may be a stupid and insecure, in which case I’ll take the instructions down), but I figured it’d be a bit of a remedy until Rails is actually DH supported.

I think that DH could try Ruby on Rails like a service in beta-test until it come to be stable, by this way they don´t need to give suporte to users who decide to use it.

Vote for Ruby on Rails
If anyone wants Ruby on Rails support, plase do the following:

  1. Log in to the Dreamhost Panel.
  2. Go to Home > Suggestions
  3. Search for Ruby.
  4. Vote for 2005-01-31 | Install all Ruby libraries and Ruby on Rails (including FastCGI extension). | 5 credits