Ruby on Rails - Typo (n00b)

I’ve done a lot of installations for PHP/MySQL software, but never tackled Ruby on Rails before. I’m looking to get a typo blog setup on my dreamhost account. I’ve looked around and found lots of tutorials for getting Rails on Dreamhost, but most of them seem to assume you already know how Rails works. And all the beginner Rails tutorials seem devoted to teaching how to develop your own software, not install others.

So… following the instructions here:

I just end up looking at a directory listing of my installation. When I try to delete the install and start over, there’s a set of files that can’t be deleted regardless of their permissions.

Can anyone help or point me to a good step-by-step procedure for getting a rails application up and running? Most specifically, typo? :slight_smile:

You have to specify the directory “public” that is in they “typo” directory in the Dreamhost account panel. This tells Apache where to find the appropriate files to serv. It seems to take some time for the application (typo, traks… other) to load for the first time.