Ruby on Rails RC1

Any chance we are moving to RC1? (0.14.1 whatever) if not and I choose to do a local installation, is there anything I have to do to keep it running in the background? I assume local installs use webbrick, but what happens when you close your terminal and walk away? Will rails still operate?

Matt is the official upgrade guide explaining any gotchas. I would hope dreamhost upgrades to 1.0 ASAP… as any newly created apps are incompatible with dreamhost unless you do a little ‘heart surgury’ and cut out your /app directory… quite a pain. I know the last upgrade occurred apporoximately a week or two after official release, so maybe a week or two after 1.0 final hits?

Thanks alot, thats helpful. But as for running your own local copy of rails, is there anything different that needs to be done to get it running? something in the dispatch.fcgi or other?

DreamHost just started to upgrade to Ruby on Rails 1.0 RC4 (0.14.3)…

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