Ruby on Rails Problem

Hi everyone,

I am having trouble with Ruby on Rails. The version of Ruby on Rails that our site uses is no longer on Dreamhost. Apparently Dreamhost only keeps the three most recent versions around. I was told that I could freeze the version of Ruby that I am using with the following code:

“rake rails:freeze:edge TAG=rel_2-1-0”

I received an error message “rake aborted!
no such file to load – cucumber/rake/task”

I was then told to run “rake rails:freeze:gems” to fix the cucumber issue. However, I received the same message as before.

Any ideas as to how to install the cucumber gem and freeze rails on our server are greatly appreciated!

Also, I do volunteer work for this organization and I am not a web programmer by trade so my knowledge in this area is limited.

Thank you!

What are they using now? I have a few 2.3.5 apps that stopped working on Monday. I tried “rake rails:freeze:gems” and seems going fine.

[alkalurops]$ rake rails:freeze:gems
(in /home/user/my_web_app)
Freezing to the gems for Rails 2.3.5
rm -rf vendor/rails
mkdir -p vendor/rails
cd vendor/rails
Unpacked gem: '/home/user/my_web_app/vendor/rails/activesupport-2.3.5’
mv activesupport-2.3.5 activesupport
Unpacked gem: '/home/user/my_web_app/vendor/rails/activerecord-2.3.5’
mv activerecord-2.3.5 activerecord
Unpacked gem: '/home/user/my_web_app/vendor/rails/actionpack-2.3.5’
mv actionpack-2.3.5 actionpack
Unpacked gem: '/home/user/my_web_app/vendor/rails/actionmailer-2.3.5’
mv actionmailer-2.3.5 actionmailer
Unpacked gem: '/home/user/my_web_app/vendor/rails/activeresource-2.3.5’
mv activeresource-2.3.5 activeresource
Unpacked gem: '/home/user/my_web_app/vendor/rails/rails-2.3.5’
cd -

But I’m unable to start my application. I don’t get an error, just a listing of my /public directory.