Ruby On Rails Mod Rewrite

Hi all,

Let me preface this post by saying I’m new to Ruby on Rails and the Apache hosting environment. I am a .NET programmer by day but Ruby on Rails has me hooked! :slight_smile:

I’m developing my application on my mac and with ssh, have correctly setup my ruby on rails application on my site. The problem is when you go to, you don’t see the welcome to ruby on rails page. If you go to you do. How do I set it up so that if you go to, you’ll see my home page (which is the welcome to RoR page right now). I created a index.rhtml page in my views folder but it’s not showing up either if you go to I’m assuming I need a Mod Rewrite script? I have no idea how to go about this.

Any help is appreciated.


Looks like you haven’t set up your webroot correctly, it should be

See the wiki page:

Wow. I am a dope. Thanks for your help.