Ruby on Rails - Just getting directory listing


I followed the Ruby on Rails tutorial in the Wiki, but am having trouble getting my site to actually work.

I did “rails” in my home directory, but when I actually go to, all I get is a directory listing. If I do “ruby script/server” and go to it works, but otherwise just the directory listing.

Am I missing something here?



In the panel, change your web site directory to include /public (ie, make it /home/username/, which is the directory your site/application will be served out of.

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I have the same problem.


And I’ve done that, as well as enabling fast cgi. Followed the wiki, all of it. But here’s the other thing. I have my app in cvs, and use a shell script that
simply does a cvs export, and then moves it over to the domain
directory. I exported it using a cvs tag yesterday, and it worked
fine. I redeployed using the exact same tag a little while later, and
now I get the error. I’m guessing it has something to
do with processes running that I am unable to kill, and not configuration. Is there anything
else I can do besides run ‘killall -v dispatch.fcgi’ that will
guarrantee my processes die?