Ruby on rails initial set-up



I’m new to Ruby on Rails and am trying to transfer an existing app into a subdomain on DH. I’m following the suggested instructions @, which suggests that I make a dummy app first and then transfer the dispatch.fcgi file to my application folder (along with my application files), but I am running into an issue.

  1. I selected the Passenger option for the subdomain in control panel. This automatically added a ‘public’ folder the in root of my site.

  2. In the root of /public/ I ran ‘ruby new .’ from the shell. This created a dummy app in /public/.

  3. According to the wiki, I should ‘copy the created “dispatch.fcgi” into [the] real app’s public/ directory’ and then make a change to the .htaccess file. However, there is neither a dispatch.fcgi nor a .htaccess file in /public to make changes to…

Am I not looking in the right place? Why would my dummy app not have a dispatch.fcgi file?

If anyone can tell me what obvious step I missed, I would certainly appreciate it.