Ruby on rails: How to restart the sever

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I have deployed an application using ruby on rails. How do I restart the server after making changes to environment.rb?

-=- Raj


killall -9 dispatch.fcgi
this will kill all fcgi processes


I don’t see any process related to *cgi running. When I execute killall -9 dispatch.cgi, the answer is ‘no process killed’. But my application is running. I also tried killall -9 dispatch.fcgi with the same result.

Why am I not able to see the process?

ps -aux result
flexaxis 11036 0.0 0.0 4720 1600 pts/2 Ss+ 08:52 0:00 -bash
flexaxis 10773 0.0 0.0 4752 1704 pts/4 Ss 09:59 0:00 -bash
flexaxis 21390 0.0 0.0 2484 868 pts/4 R+ 10:53 0:00 ps -aux


maybe it was something temporary Yesterday I got similar problems on my site as well, if you’re still stuck: If I’ve understood well your site is up… are you working with cached pages?


Thanks for the reply.

I got the answer from the support team. Since I’m on shared hosting, I need ask them to restart the server every single time.