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I am working on opening a site which is being written in RoR as we speak, and I am thinking about deploying it here and was wondering how the reliability + quality is “regarding RoR applications”…

I mean, do you think rails service/deployment here is production quality? Are you guys having memory leaks on Ruby processes and/or server related errors?

Also, could you please tell what the current versions of current ruby + rails are?



atm i cannot get ruby on rails to work, before they upgraded everything was fine, just had to run a cleanup script every hour to remove zombie fcgi processes. But now i cannot get typo to work even upgraded it, so i wouldn’t call it production quality but then again i am not a rails expert.


DreamHost has just upgraded Ruby on Rails from 0.13.1 to the newly released 1.0 rc4 (also known as 0.14.3).

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