Ruby on Rails Dream host deployment

Hi folks,

I’m trying to get a ruby on rails deployment working on dreamhost and running into several issues. It seems like all of my projects keeps asking for mysql2 and dreamhost does not support the gems necessary for that.

I’m using the latest version of ruby (1.92) and Gems (1.7.2).

I’d love to be able to deploy the world’s simplist app. The instructions on the wiki we’rent that helpful and are outdated I believe.


Save yourself the time and stop trying. I opened a ticket on that topic in DECEMBER 2010 which is not yet resolved. Indeed they stopped responding for some months now. Live support always tells me that they are not capable of solving and that I should open a new ticket that I did but again no answer even after half a month. Ruby on Rails on Dreamhost? Won’t work at all. Everybody reading this who is trying to figure out if this is the right RoR hoster for you invest a little more and get a real host with support. I would have been really glad if I would have read such a post when I thought about subscribing for my 2y with DH.

Thanks for the info mate, I’ve been having trouble with ruby and indeed the live support fed me the same crap as they did you “we can’t help when it comes to code” my url is if you check it out you’ll quickly see my problem!! do you know of any GOOD ruby hosts???

Well, after all I need to confess for two things: They finally really solved the problem. But it came a long way. And secondly it was kind of my fault too.
What I didn’t think about back then was that Rails is running in production mode only on DH and there are a few tweaks to be made to make it run smoothly. Here is one important of them:

Concerning Ryans problem there has to be another issue I can’t see right through at the moment. Seems like the Ruby code hasn’t been touched at all. Are you sure you initialized a new Rails project in the directory and checked the checkbox for Passenger in the DH Panel? I’d also suggest that you try with a brand new setup first. What I also found out is that the images you’re trying to load with the image_tag doesn’t exist at all in your images/ directory.

Yer I removed everything earlier from my FTP to start a fresh, I think my problem is that when creating a new page in rails i just go onto the terminal window and type, “ruby script/generate controller home index” this then gives me my blank page that i fill with the content and then link up to other pages, I dont touch anything else…I’m new to ruby so I thought this is what you do? Now you’re going to say I’m wrong arent you :([hr]
oh, I don’t always call it home index by the way! that was just the example, i have home index, aboutus index ect ect, the only problem with this is they give me files called home, contact us ect ect but all the pages are called index.html.erb!!! HELP!