Ruby on a Shared server



We had a Redmine instance running on a “shared” server, but a few weeks ago it suddenly stopped working (we have not updated anything and we have not changed any configuration that we know). When we try to access the page, we receive the message “The Phusion Passenger application server encountered an error while starting your web application.” The server was running over Ruby on Rails through Passenger.

In order to fix the problem, we were installing another instance of Redmine, and during the process, we had to enable the check “RVM” under Passenger. But currently this check is disabled and we are not able to check it. It shows a message saying “Requires a VPS running Ubuntu”.

Do you think this could be the reason why our Redmine server stopped working? It is not possible anymore to have Ruby installed on a shared hosting? If that is not the reason, does anyone know how to find why redmine could have stopped working suddenly (are there any logs or something to debug the problem)?

Thanks a lot in advance


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