Ruby Gems

I see that you offer common Ruby Gems with your hosting.

Can I find a list of these Gems anywhere? I’m looking for the Payment gem.

Can I install my own?

I’ve added a list of currently installed gems, as of today, to the DH wiki:

Payment is installed, versions 0.9 and 1.0.1.

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There is a ruby gem I need installed but did not see on the list. I also did a ‘gem list’ from a shell and did not see the gem. The gem I would like installed is the flickr gem, from the url Flickr lists this api as an approved one. This can be found at Can I put a request in to have this gem installed? If not globally, is there a way to have it installed just for my sites?

It should be possible to install a ruby gem under your home directory but I don’t know the specifics of making it work.

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Does anyone have any more info on this? I’d like ti install the flickr gem also.