Ruby 2.0 and Rails 4.0 support and/or RVM

Ruby 1.8.7 is currently running on the shared host and has been marked End of Life.

Ruby on Rails is supported on ruby 1.8.7 only up to version 3.2.

Ruby on Rails is currently version 4 and recommends Ruby 2.0.

Can we see an update to the latest version, or at the least, RVM installed? (which will allow different versions of ruby to sit next to each other).

I’m concerned that there are security issues in the current implementations that were fixed years ago by the RoR team.

The problem is not only the security issues. Also if you want to force to install ruby2 using RVM you can but the lack of some libraries needed for instance by

And the dated instructions used in these articles makes the installation impossible.
If an update to a LTS version is not provided soon enough then it is going to be increasingly pointless to continues to support ruby

Please update or provide multiple versions