Ruby 1.8.4?

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I noticed we are running ruby 1.8.2 and I was curious if there would be any future move to 1.8.4?

I don’t actually have any immenent need for 1.8.4, so I guess I’m also wondering what kind of delay to expect between the release of 1.9 and Rite (YARV in it’s development phase anyways “Yet Another Ruby Virtualizer”)

Can I compile 1.8.4 on my own space if I wish? or even tinker around with some of the 1.9 releases coming up?


You can download Ruby and Rails here

I read the book ‘Agile Web Development with Rails’ is a good place to start, if you want to start building working RoR apps immediately.


We typically try to let the Debian package maintainers do as much of the work for us as possible so we’re sometimes a bit behind the curve on these releases. Don’t count on us always having the latest version of Ruby installed.

Did they really add so much between 1.8.2 and 1.8.4 that Ruby users can’t develop in 1.8.2?

We do let you compile things under your home directory so you are able to do that, yep!

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No, not so much changed in 1.8.4 that I need. I was more curious about the delay time from release to update on dreamhost.

As far as Rails goes, I thought I had heard future releases would work under 1.8.4 or greater only. Given your response, it seems you would move up the version of ruby with the upgrade to rails once debian package maintainers got on it. That’s all fine by me!

i suppose I just wanted to understand how the process of upgrades worked.


We handle Ruby on Rails itself ourselves because Debian doesn’t include it. We have been testing RoR 1.1.2 on some live servers for several days now and it seems to be working fine with Ruby 1.8.2 so far. We do plan to keep Ruby on Rails itself up to date so if that forces us to also upgrade Ruby we will do that.

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I have a new app I just deployed on dreamhost. Since I developed it locally with Rails 1.1.2 I needed it updated on my server. Dreamhost did it really quickly (less than a day turnaround) and everything works fine, even with Ruby 1.8.2.