Rubbish support

i have sent several emails to dreamhost asking for support/contact /help/assistance…and not one email has even been acknowledged…! What is the rule then…if you don’t live in the states you don’t get supported…? Every time i log in to your support email it gets automatically transferred to a french call centre and they haven’t a clue who you are…? and that is using the number for calls outside the states…!your email addresses don’t work half the time…when they do click through i get directed to porn sites, or sites selling ray banns or nike trainers…! is this the great…‘award winning support’ you brag about…absolute rubbish…you’ve taken my money under false pretences…!this email will be posted on my social media sites…facebook/twitter/instagram so everyone can see what i am experiencing…!

Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback, we apologize for any frustration. It sounds like you may not have been dealing with our support team. We keep all our support in house, we do not have a call center nor do we outsource any support related issues.

You can log into the panel to access Live Chat and email support here:

If you are not able to log into the panel you can reach us here: be sure to select the “other” option from the drop down and include an email you have access to.

If you already have a support ticket# please supply it and we can look into the status,

Matt C

ok tried to log in for email support…wants me to register my domain name…why…? My website/domain name is…why do i have to o through all the re-registering when i already own that site…? Your tel. nos get routed to french call centres…the email links still go to porn sites and sellers of ray banns and nike trainers…and then finally when i click on your links it says you do not recognise my IP address…? not very good is it…‘award winning support company’ is it…?

We apologize for the continued issues you are having, you may want to scan for malware on your computer. I was able to locate you account under the email address you provided -

We sent an email requesting more info, please reply back to it for further support,

Matt C

ok try to get into and can’t get access…why…? what is going on in ‘your supposedly award winning support company’…? send any emails to…at least i will be able to read it then, instead of your malfunctioning system…!