RT (RequestTracker) with fastCGI on DH?

Hi all. I recently revisited RT (Request Tracker), my favorite all time ticketing system, and see that the newer versions now run under both mod_perl AND FastCGI. One of the old issues used to be the perl module thing and I was wondering if anyone has looked at trying to get it to run on DH shared hosting under FastCGI. I think that all of route-email-to-scripts thing might be another issue, but I was just wondering if anyone has looked at it lately.

Install notes are here: http://wiki.bestpractical.com/index.cgi?ManualRequirements




I also just discovered RT and think getting it installed could seriously improve the quality of my life.

Has anybody successfully installed RT on a DreamHost account?

RT is indeed life changing. I don’t remember what the specific issue is, but I think that it was a combination of requiring mod_perl stuff along with the integration of email aliases with perl mail handlers on the back end.

I would suggest going to your DH control panel and looking for the “vote for new features” page – one of the items you can vote for is to have RT made available as a one-click install. Cheers,


Not a fan of RT myself but I have had the same issue with other support systems. Piping email has been something I have never been able to make work.

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