Is anyone using rsync on DH to backup files?

I’m considering this as a way for me to keep my website backed up to my machine at home.


This is definitely a great way to backup files…

Something like:
rsync -avz yourserver:blah/ blah
should do the trick…

If you setup passwordless authentication via ssh, you can even automate it using cron.

I don’t use it for backups much, but I do use it to sync mp3s among my home machine, work machine, and laptop.

does that mean it’s already installed on DH? I just compiled it and I think it will work, but I’m still figuring it out.


It should be installed on all of the hosting machines.

What platform are you using on your machine? On some platforms (the version that comes with OS X, for example), you have to use -e ssh to get rsync to use ssh for the connection. Our version uses SSH by default.

well, i’m using w2k at home. thought i might try my luck with running under cygwin here.


Yah - Cygwin is great. Rsync should work fine under Cygwin, but you may have a harder time setting up cron - I’m not sure if cron runs under Cygwin (it’s been a while).

If I had to run Windows on the desktop, Cygwin is one of the only things that would keep me sane…

so – how would i rsync to my DH account (say it’s and my machine at home? I’m sorry to bug you lke this…


What do you mean? The same way I mention above…

Basically, something like this should work.
rsync -avz /path/to/put

will -

i have it figured out now – thanks for the help! I also found this great resource on the web for how to use rsync under win2k.