Rsync to hanjin insanely slow

anyone else having issues with connecting to the hanjin backup server? I’m trying to do an rsync backup of my files and it usually flies through (I’m on a 20/5 FIOS connection) and it’s stalled out at less than 1KB/sec.

Someone posted a week ago about this and I ran into the same thing. I filed a Support ticket and they said it has problems and they’re working on it, including moving people to other servers. Submit a ticket so they know you’re being affected.


Everyone on hanjin (our backup server) is affected, so there’s no need to open a ticket about it. We’re acutely aware of the issues it’s having, and we’ve currently got one of our engineers working on a fix.

I found the status report on it tacked onto the drive rebuild issue from 2 weeks ago. The update seems like an afterthought, as I submitted a ticket on the 10th or 11th. The last hanjin update had been on the 30th like it was about resolved.


Classic! :slight_smile:

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