Rsync to Backups User - Re-copying

I set up an rysnc job for 12 GB worth of photos. It ran for a couple of days (~10GB copied) and then the connection errored out.

When I restarted it, it began copying all files again, somehow not recognizing the previous upload. I stopped the process and then restarted, and it skipped past the few files that were re-uploaded (as expected) but continued with the copying of files there were uploaded just a couple of days ago (no changes made).

Any thoughts on how to get rsync to recognize that there is 10GB worth of files that don’t need to be re-sent?


I use the avz flags to sync my destination.

Are the files actually there? There are some rsync options such as --ignore-existing that will skip if the filename already exists at the destination.

Yes, they are there. Also using -av, z is compression. --ignore-existing is a good idea, I will try it.

I found some good troubleshooting tips here:

Other than correcting a very dumb mistake, not sure what exactly was going on, but working better now. Thanks.