Rsync Problems

One last bump in my backup quest…

I have been able to successfully tar up the folders I want to backup. I end up with a 35G file which I’ve so far been unable to rsync down to my Windows PC. It connects and starts downloading yet seems to die…Once at 18G, and the second time at 9G.

I switched to an FTP client and was able to pull the file down in around 24 hours. Is there any reason why rsync isn’t working? How robust is it? Will it handle a connection hiccup? My internet tubes are big and traditionally very stable. Does Dreamhost nuke an rsync process that runs longer than they deem necessary? I’d run it w/ a nice-19 command, but since its being initiated from my PC I don’t know if that is possible.

Sorry to shotgun questions all over this post, and you know, I can get by with using my FTP client (it has a schedule function), I’d just like to crack this nut.

The process killer is utilized when you’re taxing server cpu, not bandwidth. Transferring files isn’t a heavy load for the servers, so you’re probably not having problems from that.

Is your Windows box formatted with a Fat32 or NTFS filesystem? The filelimit for Fat32 is only 4GB due to the block sizing. NTFS allows 16TB theoretically, but the practical limit is probably something less.

Can you break your archive into smaller parts that are less than 4GB each?

Thanks for the reply…

I don’t think file system capacity is my problem…I am running NTFS and like you said, have plenty of headroom there, and last but not least I was able to download the entire file using an FTP program.

The file is sitting on my desktop happy as a clam…Rsync on the other hand, not so happy.