Rsync problem


Hi All,

I set up a folder c:\backup\ and set the permissions to share on my XP machine.

I then logged in using Putty.exe and used the following

myusername@torrance:~$ rsync -e ssh -av /backup/

…and got the following error…

receiving file list…done
rsync: mkdir “/backup/” failed: no such file or directory (2)
rsync error: error in file IO (code11) at main.c(420)

Thanks for any suggestions



You shouldn’t be logged into torrence(torrance?) to rsync to your home machine. You’ll have to initiate the rsync from home. I use something like:
rsync -avze ssh --delete ‘’ '/backup/

Then again, I do have rsync on my home machine, so this works. Without rsync at both ends, you won’t be able to sync this way. You got the error because you’re logged into the DreamHost server, and it won’t let you write to the root directory / (or /backup, which doesn’t exist).



Thanks Scott,

So, it’s not as simple as I thought! I have found instructions at