I am currently looking to switch hosts because the host I am with now does not allow me to use RSS feeds on my site. If I want to, I have to submit a written request for each RSS feed I want to display. Basically all I want to do is be able to display RSS feeds from other sites. Does Dream Host allow this? Thanks!

I don’t see why not. Why a host would want you to pay to display RSS feeds is beyond me.:slight_smile:

I found this thread on another site that hints it isn’t allowed, for some technical reason. There appears to be a workaround but it looks messy.

You should ask Dreamhost directly. Post back here with whatever you learn, as I am interested too.


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That last link is a discussion of fopen in php being disabled, which has nothing to do with RSS, other then some individual implementation that was horked.

With wordpress, at least, its fixed these days.

Rss should work just fine on dreamhost. (fopen issues aside, which should be more rare these days)

I have two Wordpress installations with RSS feeds, one of which gets reasonably heavy traffic, and I’ve never had a problem. I don’t think Dreamhost cares one way or another whether your traffic is via RSS feed or direct visits; the only thing you need to watch is your total bandwidth.