Rss feed transfer

I just moved my site from another hoster, and things are working great except for one thing: the 2 rss news feeds I had running there aren’t working in Dreamhost. I put up a crossdomain.xml file, but that didn’t help. It stops at the point of bringing in the newsfeeds, that are from different news sites. I don’t see what the problem would be…anyone have any ideas? the url is, and the feeds are at the top, in the sidebar.

I’m getting a blank page with

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try that…it’s coming up for me…but I can’t test in IE (a vista screwup).

I also get a “blank” page at (I mean completely blank even when viewing source).

I get exactly the same thing with and

This makes me think you might have some re-write rules at play that are borking thinks up. :wink:


OK, I got the site showing again :slight_smile: However, the rss feeds don’t show. I’ve tried a couple of different scripts, and tried to call them up separately, outside of the blog pages…same result each time: no rss feed shows.

Is there some setting I should set, or something I should put in the htaccess file so it will bring in an outside rss url? I’m really stumped here…

You don’t tell us anything about how you are trying to get the feeds. Is this something you have written yourself, or some sort of off-the-shelf plugin?

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I’m using scripts that other people put out. The one I’m using is a js/dhtml script in an html page that gets called into the page through an iframe.

It ran before I moved the site, and I haven’t changed them. I also tried a different php page to call up rss feeds, and the same result. As soon as it gets to the part where it would parse the feed, the page is blank…no error messages.

If you are using PHP to parse the feed, you must be aware that URL file access is disabled (meaning you need to use cURL). Also, there is a difference between the way XML parsing works between PHP4 and PHP5, so check which version you are using. Many DreamHost users have successfully implemented RSS feed parser plugins into their websites.

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That’s good to know…later, no doubt I’ll be asking how to do cURL :slight_smile:
This is using java to parse the feed though–I tried the php one as an experiment, but didn’t get into it really. I wonder if there is a control panel setting I’m missing, or a change in coding I need to add for javascripts. The other site I moved this weekend can’t play java based videos. You click the button and nothing happens…in each case, the javascript simply doesn’t go. I just discovered this.

You can see the coding in that last link I put up. I don’t see anything odd there. On other sites I found that you had to change “post” to “get” in ajax.js for the scripts to work…maybe it’s something along that line.