RSS Feed Title


I have been unable to correctly name the RSS feed on my site . I setup sub-domains for different sections of the paper just so I could give people separate feeds for the different sections. But even though I think I have changed every reference to RSS feed so that the title is correct rather than this generic title. But I can’t find what is causing this?

To repeat, I want when someone subscribes, for the title to correctly say, “Coastal Viewpoint Front Page Section” for instance and NOT “RSS Feed”.

I changed the index and the rss.xml code. I can’t find anywhere else to change it.

Any ideas???




Actually, I think you have accomplished what you were trying to do, and maybe just haven’t seen the result because of caching.

When I go to your site, and click the RSS link on the front page, it shows the feed title as “Coastal Viewpoint Front Page Section”. :wink:

The only other RSS link I checked was in the “Your View” section, and it still has the title of “RSS Feed” (I assume you haven’t changed that one yet).



Wow!! Thanks so much! You have made my evening! I thought I cleared the cache but I am pretty tired. What a great discovery. Thanks again for that great news!!!

I can fix the rest and go public with the site now (as soon as I finish the next major update which is ready to go).

Thanks again!!!


Ha ha ha! Hey, we have all done that at one time or another! :wink:

You are welcome, and I’m glad you have got it working and are almost ready to launch! Good luck with your site. :slight_smile: