RSS feed (Or similar?)

I want to add a news feesd to my site, very small in scope. Any idea on how to get the RSS thingee or any other news feed service?

When you say you want to add newsfeed to your site, do you mean that you want to display RSS/XML feeds (from others) on your site, or do you ant to provide an RSS/XML feed of your site to others?

THe answer as to “how to do it”, depends on what you want to do :wink:


I wantr to display news items from others. Ain’t nothing great going on on my site! Thanks!


I see. Not having seen your site (URL?), I’m not sure what tools may be available to you, but I am sure that magpierss (Available on will offer you that capability. You will need to retrieve and install the software, and integrate the display into your site, but it is not really that difficult.

There is quite a bit of discussion, and some sample code, about this process in the thread found at

toward the middle of the thread’s messages. THere are likely other tools that may be easier to use on your site at

Does this help at all?


If you want a few RSS feeds to display on your web site use this:

I do this for my friend on

If you want to display a LOT of feeds with a cron set for updates - basically just for YOU to view then email me nd I have a perl script that will do that.

I think BIGBOLD will do exactly what you want. You type in the RSS URL and BIGBOLD will give you a line of html/java to plug into YOUR html and it works really well, All free.

Good Luck,

Thanks to both of you. My site is offline at the moment as I am re-doing it and hope to launch late next week, which should work. I will check out both things you guys suggested and let you know!

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