RSS Enable Weblog

How do I RSS enable my blog so that it be syndicated by Flog Blog?

It depends on what blog software you are using, though on most modern software you do not have to do anything to “enable” your blog (though you can usually create" custom RSS feeds).

Generally speaking, your blog software already generates RSS; all you have to do is plug the url for your RSS feed into the flog blog app.


I am using wordpress.

Great! Than all you have to do is enter the url of your WordPress RSS feed into the control form at flog blog and you are done!.


OK. Great. thanks. I just tried the url with the word feed at the end and it works.

So, that would be ?
Also, when I tried to post RSS widget on my WordPress theme, some, not all, of the pages had a problem got a “encountered unexpected (:)”…any ideas?

The answer to your 1st question is yes. Its that simple,

As to the Widgets, it is just as simple. Simply type the URL for whatever RSS feed you want the widget to show in the http field of the “configure” panel of the RSS Widget.

For example if you want the RSS1 Widget to show the RSS feed for the Business Headlines of the NY Times you would type the following:

If you want the RRS2 Widget to show the RSS feed for the CNN topstories you would type the following:

And so on…Hope this helps.

big help!