RSS Announcements?

I’ve been poking around the dreamhost web panel, the wiki, the forums, and doing google searches for almost two hours, and I still can’t figure out what I need to do to get the Dreamhost Announcement RSS feeds. I can’t RTFM if there isn’t one.

When I click on the subscribe link, in Netscape, IE, or Firefox, I got just a page of links. Ones that I can’t click on, but would have to copy and paste each one into a browser. This can’t be right, can it? That would be quite labor intensive and I sure don’t have time for all that. I’d like to figure this out once and for all.

I can’t quite figure out if I need to install some kind of software or plug-in what, or if I do, where to get it. One site I found recommended subscribing to Yahoo or MSN to be able to read RSS. Oh please, say it ain’t so that I may have to deal with that kind of junk just to get the dreamhost announcements!!

I’m assuming (probably a bad idea as usual) that if I manage to subscribe to the feed, it will notify me somehow when there’s something new to be read?

This is FAR from as user friendly as the old email announcements, especially since there’s no info on the Dreamhost site, that I can find, to explain it.

Some simple instructions somewhere on the site might be a good idea? I should send a comment tkt on that, maybe after they finish with my current problem (still trying to set up an announcement list how I need it).

Does anyone have any suggestions for an easy way to subscribe to this RSS dreamhost announcement feed without having to write my own software or something like that, I would really appreciate it! Thank you!

Is anyone else getting worried about all the changes lately?


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A feed is simply a list of links. But each item on the list has additional information associated with it. You have to use a program that will request the feed periodically in order to be notified of items that have been added to the feed.

Firefox implements feeds through the Live Bookmark feature. When you visit a page that has an associated feed, an orange feed icon will appear in the address bar. Click on the icon and a “Add Live Bookmark” dialog will appear. This should add a bookmark with the orange icon to your personal toobar or bookmarks. When clicking in the live bookmark, Firefox will show the list of links currently on the feed.

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I read all my RSS feeds (including dreamhost’s) at Free, pretty user-friendly. I think there’s a desktop program you can download from them, too, that would notify you when a feed has been updated, but I’ve never used it.