Routing domain to hosting... noob

Hi, I’ve got a hosting plan with 3 sites on it. Each site in a folder. 2 of the sites work properly cause years ago my webmaster managed to assign each domain to the index file of each site.

Now, my webmaster is no more and I’m trying to redirect a domain (deamhost) to the index file of the third site (dreamhost). How can i do that?

Sorry for my retardness and because it is probably a noob question, but anyway, any help?

on your account you would have folders for each of your domains,, etc and inside of those folders would need to be an index file (index.htm, index.html, index.php you get the point right?). The server automatically looks for such files to display. If you want something to be shown on a particular domain name you will need to put the index file into root folder of that particular domain.