Router stuck in BUILD status


I have a router stuck in BUILD status for a couple of hours.
Anyone knows something about this?

Network port attached to “network:router_interface” have a DOWN status.

Hi pmav, can you post your username or router name? (or message me) so we know which router to look at.


It happened to me too, almost 2 days stuck

Router name: ak-dba42990835044869b03de99d42f2a06
Router id: 428d7694-306b-4c9f-9011-c7eda6d34e05

Maybe it’s about the port inside private-network
ID: 71cd0daf-dcbf-4f58-8f1a-af252de52e50
Network ID: 813f9baf-c5ac-4a60-b120-84b0d35b3335
Status: DOWN

I think it happened after pressing Clear Gateway. Being the router and private-network irremovable, maybe there is some possible trouble there

Hey Tomas,

We’re taking a look at it and should have you in a working state tomorrow. Thanks for the details!

Thank you! If you need more details or if you need to wipe everything out do as you must :smiley:

And may the The Schwartz be with you

Ok, you should be good now. Give it a shot!

Yogurt… I hate yogurt!

Everything works flawlessly, thanks!

I’m getting this problem as well.

Router Name: ak-6d8d2746ccb14925a9554c7f65bfcb36
Router Id: 3ca7c51e-d8e9-456c-a48b-66334742d5d2

I’ve gotten your router working, and will email you the details.

We’ve identified a bug in the router where they were not relaunched if they happened to quit. We’ve fixed the bug and are testing it now. In the meantime, we’ve corrected all the routers that were in a build state and it should be working for you now.

Thanks for reporting the issue!