Router stuck in "BUILD" and cannot access any instances

I believe you tried creating a new router for me and now it is stuck in build state.

I can’t access any instances because they do not have a network connection.

I can’t disable or create a new router or network connection.

Can you email me your contact info so our team can look at your account?

We’ve fixed your router and found a bug that we’re testing a fix for. More info here -

Thanks! Working again.

Back to build status. SSH kicked me out and connections are unresponsive.

That’s very odd. I’m trying to figure out what’s triggering this. Are you changing any of your network settings (e.g. anything in the router, network, or subnet pages or Neutron CLI commands)? Are you pushing a lot of traffic in/out of your instances? Any info would be helpful to try to replicate the problem.

I was trying to diagnose the slow connection by downloading multiple ubuntu image torrents (all legal of course). It would start ramping up the connection to around 4MB/s (still very slow) but then kicks me out. I’ve performed this same test with my low end vps and it handles fine downloading up to 60MB/s.

I believe this is the issue. Maybe it kicks me out for too many connections?

In talking with the DreamCompute team, we think we’ve got a pretty good understanding of what the problem is. It’s also related to the network speed issues and our one network limitation. In short, it’s related to our router and we’re prototyping a few ways to solve the problems now.

For now, routers in BUILD status should be caught and rebooted automatically within 5-10 minutes.

I just checked on yours and it’s in an ACTIVE status.