I’ve configured RoundCube succesfully (i least i thought so). I had spam filtering set on, but it was to srtcit so i took it out. I recieved a system message about the junk being at Junk Folder (duh) but that i can’t access through RoundCube.

Has anyone come across this trouble. Maybe mailbox formats are not supported…

I’m no expert.

You can only access the junk folder from DH spam protection through squirrel mail because DH hacked the installs to be able to access a special non-standard folder.

Unfortunately you can’t access that junk mail folder with round cube.

–Matttail - personal website

Doods @ DH, can you reveal the patch/hack? Maybe i can patch rouncube to do the same :slight_smile: It’d be nice for all of us roundcubers.

BTw, thanks for the info matttail