RoundCube WebMail?



I’ve put together simple, step-by-step instructions that overcome all the difficulties I had installed Roundcube on Dreamhost

They’re tested and work as of the following version: roundcube_webmail_0.1-20051021.tar.gz


Please consider adding these to the DreamHost Wiki too. Roundcube users would be very grateful!

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog


I’ve installed RoundCube with the help of the 2 blog posts listed in this thread and I come up with the floowing error message when trying to login:

IMAP Error in (): Could not connect to [mysql database] at port 143:

Anyone have any advice?


I got to the same point and was getting fed up, but found a post somewhere else saying that if your account is the main dreamhost account, you can login with your email address, but otherwise, your login name has to be the m60423*** one.

Frustrating, certainly.

Also, it appears that the default login settings require the ‘’ at the end. Joy!