RoundCube very slow

Hi folks!

I install the roundCube on, i install first using mysql and then using sqlite.

With sqlite is a little more fast to login… but both are working very slow… have something that i can do to it be more fast?

becouse using squirlmail on webmail.mydomain is very fast but… is very poor to me show it for my custumers. And i know that using hosts that provide cpanel with cpanel is more fast then what im getting here.

tys for anybody that can help me!

I had exactly the same problem… very slow during the login, as well in the other operations: checking email, sending email etc. etc.

I really don’t know if it’s a problem of the IMAP dreamhost server or the MySql…

Squirrel is great, quick and easy but really basic layout/style… the funny thing is that when I try to install my version of Squirrel, everything was fine except that is SLOW as well…

so I think there’s something for sure with IMAP or MySQL