RoundCube Upgraded to 0.7.1!


Hello, folks.

GREAT NEWS!! RoundCube upgrated to 0.7.1

I’m not sure it was because of my ticket in special, but… for those possibly interested, follows:

[quote=Renato Frota On Mon, 23 Jan 2012, wrote]I’m having troubles with a domain I transferred to DreamHost last week.

When the users open access their webmails, sometimes it show all folder as
subfolders of Inbox. Other times, they are all show as root folders (and
without the “special folder” aspect and behaviours when taking actions like
sending mail, trashing or saving drafts).

When they are show as root folder, when a new draft is saved, “INBOX.Drafts"
is created (separately of Drafts root folder). Same for “INBOX.Sent” and
"INBOX.Trash” for sent and trashed messages.

After logging out and login again some times, the folder inheritance is
restored, without a visible reason.

Drafts root folder is then correctly placed as INBOX.Drafts, and that new
INBOX.Drafts then come to be INBOX.INBOX.Drafts (where INBOX.INBOX is an
unaccessible folder). I have them to manually move all mails from
INBOX.INBOX.Subfolders to their correct places and then delete these
subfolders (INBOX.INBOX is undeletable but disappear as soon as I refresh the
page - looks like it has never been created, but the only the subfolders

This occur only with RoundCube, and cleaning all settings, cache, cookies,
whatever of web browser, or even reinstalling it, do not solve the problem
(actually, it seems that the browser has NOTHING to it - these strange
behaviour of RoundCube is very RANDOM and all browsers I tested are affected,
Chrome, IE, Firefox and Opera). Also, logging through
or, using both “mbox” or "", do
not interfere in the problem. Occur in all cases.

I thought to move all INBOX subfolder to root folders and setting special
folders in the root, but your mail server seems to be a default behaviour of
creating INBOX.Sent folder when sending a mail through IMAP in new accounts
(I do not know if it’s your mail server or Thunderbird).

Can’t you enforce INBOX. prefix in your Roundcube webmail? I tried to create
a root folder using SquirrelMail and this is now allowed, so enforcing the
prefix in RoundCube should not be a a problem (and already created root
folders - using RC - are correctly show both in RC and SM).

Here’s a screenshot of Chrome browser, browsing the same mail account, in 2
computers (my own notebook and my customer’s pc, that I’m seeing through

Please, answer ASAP. I may need to take actions to 8 mail accounts, depending
on your answer - and it may be a move back to old server [/quote]

[quote=Jen D]Unfortunately, this is a known bug within the RoundCube software.

We have the latest version and are testing it to see if it fixes this
issue properly, but we do not have an ETA as to when this will be

Jen D[/quote]

[quote=Renato Frota On Wed, 25 Jan 2012, wrote]However, back to RoundCoube issue.

I’d search extensively RoundCube forums and found only archived thread, also trac have only fixed bugs relative to inbox duplicates or bad sorting trees, and newer version (0.7.1) has been lauched this month (Jan 08th).

Where can I check your RC version? Or may you verify it?


[quote=Greg]Thank you for contacting support. After speaking with my supervisor we
have determined that we are using version .5

If you should have any other questions please feel free to contact us and
we will be happy to assist you.


[quote=Renato Frota On Wed, 25 Jan 2012, wrote]Of course I have a question!!

When you plan to upgrade it?



Thank you for writing back in to support.

Our development team has taken note of the newer version. I apologize
for any delays in updating the version of Roundcube here at DreamHost.
Currently, we offer Roundcube globally to all customers through, although it is in a state of “beta” on our
servers. There are pre-existing issues that take priority over
Roundcube, but we will work towards an upgrade some day soon.

Thanks for your time and patience!


[quote=Renato Frota On Wed, 25 Jan 2012, wrote]Thanks for your reply, Samuel.

A RoundCube simple domain installation take no more than 10-15 minutes.

I know your default installation may require more work, since it’s a global
feature, for multiple domains and even multiple servers.

However, I think your staff have enough knowledge to upgrade it in a single
or couple hours.

May I have a concentration of efforts in this case by paying for these tech

I know all your base of customers will like it =)

(and a new skin would be cool, as well)[/quote]

[quote=Daniel J On Thu, 02 Mar 12, wrote]Hello,

Good news! We just upgraded RoundCube to version .7.1. If you need
anything else or find any problems then please let me know.

Daniel J[/quote]

There’s still no extra skin, however, it’s VERY faster and WAY more stable!

Did anybody else requested this? I had to migrate this website out, because they took some days to perform it, but I’m very happy I will not have to install my own roundcube for new domain only because of stability, only if they have a specific request like a theme or custom logo (actually, I didn’t tested the custom logo yet! I hope they have added it as well)

And a last note: this “customer” is, actually, my brother. He have a furniture store:

Renato Frota


[quote]Of course I have a question!!

When you plan to upgrade it?[/quote]

I like your style !! :smiley: