Roundcube Update

Hoping the DH team can update Roundcube to the latest version (1.0.1), DH version is 0.8.2. Also re-implement the custom logo and text for Roundcube, that would be a big help. Thanks…


I agree

Install your own. It’s the only way, as I don’t see DH updating their software any time soon. I think the guy responsible for One-Clicks has been on vacation for a few years.

Have you installed the latest version? I am attempting to but I keep running into issues with my PEAR install missing some of the required modules. I am going to keep going at it for now but I agree, it would be nice to have my own so I can install some of the plugins.


EDIT: Nevermind, I was using an old installer. You can follow the instructions here:

Or ask, I will give a hand.


I have 1.0 installed, but now DH is blocking all local (server-side) requests. They’ve completely disabled my OwnCloud and RoundCube installations. Most likely a firewall restriction they’ve put in place. I’ve been trying to resolve all day, but it looks like I’ll have to move to Rackspace or another host.

[13-Oct-2014 08:58:57 -0700]: IMAP Error: Login failed for ACCOUNT@DOMAIN from IP. Could not connect to ssl:// Connection timed out in /home/my_account/ on line 184 (POST /?_task=login?_task=lo gin&_action=login)

As far as PEAR, I’m not having any issues. If you’re running on shared host service, I’d contact them. They upgraded many servers over the weekend, so they are probably missing packages.

Things are working great for me on the shared service. Sucks that the login is failing for you. I hate when they change things that break things without warning.

It’s working now, but they gave me no reason why it was broken in the first place. I have to say, the first tech was a lazy @#$% that didn’t want to troubleshoot anything. The second dude took his time and escalated it. Even though his assessment was wrong, at least he tried. I was so infuriated with DH customer service that I called Rackspace on the spot. Reviewing their offerings now.