Roundcube Showing but not Working



I have installed Roundcube exactly as instructed via the Wiki, and I can login with username/password and get to the main inbox screen. I can see my inbox e-mails and the UI looks fine. However…

I cannot get any of the links to work. Everything I click on produces no results whatsoever. When using IE I get a javascript error, “the value ‘bw’ is undefined”, but I cannot find anywhere that this value is being used and/or populated.

I would like to utilize the added functionality and improved graphical UI of Roundcube instead of the bland text-centric Squirrelmail, but I cannot get past this issue and I’m uncertain how to proceed.

Getting Frustrated - any help would be greatly appreciated!


It has been a long time since I setup and used my roundcube but I recall having to create/add users first (within roundcube) before anything would work properly.