Roundcube: Seems not to be using any localisation

Hello folks!

I’ve just installed Roundcube on my nice new spangly DH account. After a bit of digging around this very forum I got it working, appart from one problem. Its not using any localisation. (or so it would seem)

From what I can tell, its displaying the tags/placeholders which should be replaced by the phrases in its localisation files (see program/localisation folder).

However, self diagnosis isn’t as good as facts, so have a look for yourselves at what my inbox looks like here:

I’m using the latest CVS version of Roundcube, installed fresh this evening using a combination of the instructions from here and

This is due to the install path being autodetected incorrectly (it gets the whole /home/.server/yourusername thing wrong). The global variable $INSTALL_PATH needs to be manually set to your install path.

Go to index.php and change line 47 (i think) from:



$INSTALL_PATH = ‘/home/username/’;

Hope this helps. Also, I was previously using that ini thing that I found here in the forums, but I removed that after I changed my install path and things seem to be working fine.