Roundcube questions (logo, version)

First, I need to change the Roundcube logo from Dreamhost to my company logo. It’s very unprofessional to use the Dreamhost logo. Any way to do that?

Second, I want an upgraded version of RC. I’m not about to install my own version on a sub-domain after giving everyone the webmail URL. When is that going to happen?

If you’re looking for someone to hire who can make both of those possible, I’ll refer a few friends…

You’ll probably have to install on a sub-domain. There did use to be a way to change the logo, but after a recent thread here I don’t believe that option is available anymore.

The two pieces of good news are: installing your own solves your second issue of wanting an upgraded version. Second, you don’t necessarily have to change the webmail url to point to your custom install, work with support on that, they have to be involved to get rid of the automatically created webmail url, but it can be done.
Last thread on the topic:

Thanks. I’ll work on that tomorrow.