Roundcube is very slow

Hi there,

I’m using a shared hosting account. I have roundcube setup for my mail and it works. But some of my imap folders have alot of messages in them. Some between 500-2000.

Even with 500 and listing 20 per page it takes a while for them to load. Is there anyway I can speed it up? Is the shared mysql database server the main bottleneck?



Did you install your own Roundcube, or are you using If it’s your own installation, check the load on your server by logging in via SSH and typing ‘uptime’ and read the load averages. Do you also use a mail client on your desktop computer? If so, how is the mail server’s response?


Right now I have both setup ( and my own installation) and they both seem about the same speed.

The load on mariner says: load average: 1.44, 1.95, 1.88

I try to keep the inbox relatively low on mail so it’s not bad. It’s just the subfolders that have up to 500+ messages.

I’ve tried Entourage and Outlook Express as mail clients and they both seem normal (ie not slow) once they are initially synced.

Any thoughts?


I’ve never used Roundcube on a heavily loaded IMAP account. If it’s any consolation, I tried Squirrelmail on my heavily loaded IMAP account and it takes forever (several minutes) to come up on a folder with 4300 messages. At least paging through that message list is pretty quick once the initial loading is done. How does your Squirrelmail compare?


I’ve been using Dreamhost and Squirrel Mail for a few years now and have the following observations:

  1. The web mail interface has always been slow even with nearly empty accounts. It generally takes at least 30 seconds to load and display the inbox after logging in and there are similar delays when you try to view a folder, compose a message, send a message, read a message etc. I’ve always attributed this to systems bogged down by large numbers of users and the quality of the code in Squirrel Mail which exhibits annoying instabilities like warning that a message that you just sent has not been sent.

  2. Mail access through IMAP4 and SMTP has nearly always been fast. I can usually download headers and messages and then check and send mail in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately I’m limited to webmail where I work.

I guess I won’t bother switching to roundcube since it seems to have the same issues that Squirrelmail does.

Max L.

I don’t know what recently happened, but as of now Roundcube has really sped up alot. I’ve tried from two different computers - a Mac and PC - and I can now open up a 20,000 message folder within 5 seconds.

Load average is about the same on Mariners.

So - whoever did what - thanks!