Roundcube installation question

I have a shared hosting account. I would like to setup Roundcube by installing it via svn. When I run the installer, the only hitch I run into is ‘date.timezone: NOT OK’

What is the best way to get this module installed?



I’ve manually installed it on my own by downloading it and following the installation instructions. It’s also preinstalled here at where you use the format for the login.


Install from the tarball for the latest stable version.

Sorry, but a developer just made a change to the Roundcube installer this month, so its not in a stable release yet.

Apparently its an attempt to fix a problem where the timestamps in the Roundcube log files are not the same timezone format as those of the Apache server.

Currently DreamHost doesn’t specify a timezone for date.timezone in the PHP.INI file deployed on its servers. The Roundcube installer was changed to make it a deal breaker if there is no timezone specified there. AFAIK only the installer actually needs a value specified for date.timezone too.

If a version is released with this change still in it then no one will be able to install Roundcube at DreamHost without working around it. Workarounds would involve adding a call to ini_set(‘date.timezone’, ‘America/Los_Angeles’) to the installer script or using a custom PHP.INI file that sets date.timezone, or commenting out the check altogether.

The discussion about this change is at on the devs list under ‘Different Timezone offsets in my RoundCube log’ It doesn’t seem like this change was thought through before it was made, or at least there is no discussion of the consequences.

It seems the real bug is that the function that writes the log file entry doesn’t specify the timezone when obtaining the date string. And of course this change didn’t fix that bug, and the guy that needs the log file problem fixed has said so but who knows if the change will be backed out?

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When I manually install it, what are the smtp and imap settings I should use?

I get this when I test IMAP.
IMAP connect: NOT OK(Empty startup greeting (

Is there a sample I could look at that works best with Dreamhost?