RoundCube Custom Login

Hi all,

I was wondering where the custom login for the RoundCube logon page has gone?

I remember being able to set a banner image and custom text (which still appear on one of my other domains, but I can’t seem to get back to those settings…

The only place I see the customization options is under SquirrelMail which I don’t use.

I mainly want to get the DreamHost logo off the logon page (there’s nothign wrong with it, I’d just prefer one of my own :wink:

Also… any chance we can get some other RoundCube features enabled - the Calendar/Tasks perhaps?

Also also…
Your button title is broken :slight_smile:

Honestly… no response from anyone? – How disappointing…

The customisation features do seem to have been removed. Perhaps the option is to self-install roundcube?