Roundcube authentication problem

I cannot seem to get into roundcube no matter what I try, I always get the following error:

IMAP Error: Authentication for failed (LOGIN): “a001 NO Login failed.”

That username is the same username displayed in the top left of squirrelmail and the password i’m entering is the same password I use when accessing squirrelmail.

I’ve installed roundcube 0.1-rc1 as described here:

I’ve tried with and without step 6 and with and without the step about manually adding user accounts to the database as I have set $rcmail_config[‘smtp_user’] and rcmail_config[‘smtp_pass’] to ‘%u’ and ‘%p’. I’ve confirmed from phpmyadmin that the db username and password are correct and also my log and temp files are writeable.

Have wasted hours on this and at my wits end with it so am about to give up, does anyone have any final suggestions?