Rotating/Slideshow Image Code?

My web page is here:

What i would like to do is add a rotating/slideshow of some photos of my patterns. How would I do this? Where could I find out how to code it? I am thinking it would be something beyond HTML. Does dreamhost allow something like this or is it something independent of Dreamhost?

Thanks- still plugging away learning!!

The one click install “Gallery” does slideshows, though that may be beyond what you need.


Slide shows has nothing to do with Dreamhost, it would be considered 3rd party. You are right Html would not be able to do slide shows, but using css, javascript, php or a number of other scripting languages it is possible.
Installing a gallery can do what you need, but is it overkill, can you customize it?
Microsoft has a powertoy for creating slideshows, just do a search for powertoys on their webside.
There are a lot of website that provide free or shareware scripts for your website.
Just a few thoughts for you to think about,

Thank you all for your suggestions. I was able to find the perfect script which makes a carousel rotating image!! Now I just have to figure out the new layout of my page!

By the way… I DO have 1 more question… is it bad to use a script? I am still learning about what is appropriate and what is taboo… I know frames are not that good…

No it is only bad to use a script if the script is bad and exposes the server to hostile attack. You can usually learn if the script is a dangerous one by doing a quick search on google and google groups or by mentioning the script name here.
It is really just a matter of personal choice. If you want to use it or do something a special way then do it. It is your site.
You can use frames if you want to it is just that they tend to cause problems for search engines if you are looking to boost your site ratings. If you do not care about ratings then use frames.

I even have a site somewhere using a counter. :slight_smile: One day I will find where it is!!


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