RoR - Tracks GTD App

Curious if anyone’s gotten Tracks ( installed since RoR is now available by default, unlike this install guide- -which I’m just having problems following. Probably mostly because I haven’t used SSH/telnet much yet.

Mostly just finding out if anyone else has installed it and if its worthwhile.

This is pretty cool. If someone gets it working, post on the wiki and the boards.

I’ve added a Suggestion to DreamHost to add Tracks to the one-click installs (link forthcoming). Here are some screenshots and movies of the app, as well as an overview.

Tracks is a web application that is specifically designed to implement the Getting Things Done (GTD) methods. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use it for other kinds of todo tracking. Data is stored in a database (either MySQL, Postgresql or SQLite), and viewed in a web browser via a web server (Apache, Lighttpd or WEBrick among others). This makes it cross-platform as well as being accessible from anywhere that you have web access.

Main Page

Edit Page

Context List Page

Projects Page

Edit List of Projects (.mov)

Add and Edit Actions

I installed tracks. Actually I don’t really know what I did :), but I just followed the instructions of their installation. And it seems to work fine.

In short these are the steps I took :

  1. Create a database
  2. Upload everything to dreamhost
  3. I edited the file database.yml with my information and uploaded it.
  4. I edited the file environment.rb as instructed in the installation guide. Except I didn’t know how to edit the timezone information…
  5. I used putty to connect to the server. And went to the path I installed Tracks in, and ran “rake migrate”.
  6. And then “ruby script/server -e production”.
  7. In my browser I went to, and signed up.

That was it.
I hope I did everyting right?