RoR: deploying with Capistrano

Following tutorial in wiki (

When deploying the following errors occur (domain = domain I am deploying to, appname = the name of my app, and user is the user):
svn: REPORT request failed on '/appname/!svn/bc/12/trunk’
svn: ‘/appname/!svn/bc/12/trunk’ path not found

** [out :: domain] svn: REPORT request failed on ‘/user/!svn/vcc/default’
** [out :: domain] svn:
** [out :: domain] Cannot replace a directory from within
command finished
*** [update_code] transaction: rollback

  • [update_code] rolling back
  • executing "rm -rf /home/user/domain/releases/20060721214837"
    servers: [“domain”]
    [domain] executing command
    command finished
    rake aborted!