RoR: Capistrano-trouble with cap deploy

I have faithfully, i think, followed the steps outlined in the wiki entry.
When it executing deploy ( capistrano gets stuck at the following point:

[] executing command ** [out ::] Authentication realm: <> Silvercoast ** [out ::] Username:The wiki describes a gotcha entitled “cap deploy gets stuck ‘subversion is asking for a password’” ( which would come to mind as somewhat fitting, but since I am already authenticated to SVN after checking out the project and committing the files generated by cap --apply-to, the solution — checking out another copy os the app to a tmp directory — doesn’t seem to make much sense.
Also, I wonder why I am prompted to authenticate at all, given that, following the wiki, I added this line

set :svn_username, { "YOUR_SVN_USERNAME --password YOUR_SVN_PASSWORD" }But if the second line of the output from cap deploy is any indication, Capistrano tries to authenticate itself as ‘Silvercoast’ to SVN, which is not what I specified in deploy.rb…

Well, I hope someone with a better understanding of this than me will read this and be able to give me some advice.

P.S. I’m also uncertain about how the app is supposed to initially get into the deployment-directory. I had thought that Capistrano would do the initial checkout. But when running cap --apply-to I understood that it needed the app to be present already. Now I have a ‘releases’ and a ‘shared’ directory in the standard Rails root-directory (cap didn’t get around to create ‘current’ yet). Will Capistrano move the app the releases directory where, as I understand, it will live? Or will the “adultered” root-directory stay as cluttered as it is now?