Root files...?

I have ftp access to my clients site, that connects fine in dreamweaver. i left the directory blank to get root access, but am unable to see the html files that are on the site?

is there a directory i need to look into, like “/public_html/”

when i get in the cpanel the only directories i see are maildir and logs??

whats the deal?

There is suppose to be a directory that is the same name as the domain name this is what you put in the host directory

Example -for CS3:

Remote info:
Access: FTP
FTP Host:
Host directory:
login: username
password: *****


My website

You should check whether the domain is already added in your hosting plan under the correct user via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> Web Hosting --> Edit

Try to log in using the right FTP username. You may have put it under another FTP user.

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