ROOT Emptied my files


The cause of the issue was something unique to shared hosting. Had the files been on a dedicated server, the issue would never have occurred.

If you lose “$2000 every day the system is down” then a dedicated box that costs maybe $400/mo would have been a less expensive cost.


hopefully this will never happend again.

Shared hosting is usually not a problem, but we have a codemonster account which we have payd for two years in advance, and I’m not investing in an other type of hosting untill we have maxed out what we are using on dreamhost.

However, we’ll keep a mirror open in the future, so if something like this happends, we’ll be able to be open for business regardless of the issues.


well thank you.
I also hope that our business continue to prosper. I need a new jet plane :slight_smile:
(not that i have an old one)

now, seriously. I am greatfull for every customer and every sale every day. I am also thankfull for Dreamhost and everything they stand for.

I have proposed they open up a “pay-for-dedicated-support-time”, a service where we who has a critical issue can “buy dedicated time” from one of the DH tech-people to get issues solved faster.

I hope that is a good idea. I can only speak for myself, and I would pay for extra service, rather than wait in line :slight_smile: