Root Dir for new site

I have designed a new site with Dreamweaver. I have just got a new domain “” with DH and have tried to upload my finished site.
I have a question: When I look at the website with my domain - - the Root directory shows up, not the actual site. It’s like you have to click the other folder that contains my This is NOT what I want. I have a feeling when I uploaded the files with FTPZILLA, it created a root directory, but I didn’t set the file transfer to transfer my ACTUAL site (with images and links…etc.).
The problem is I CAN’T delete the root directory now - I’m kinda stuck.

Any help is appreciated.

You can work with the files from the panel here by going to Domains -> Manage Domains and click WebFTP. You can manually move each file to the parent directory, or just try to delete the WEBSITE directory. Whatever you tweaked to make WEBSITE the root directory, get rid of the WEBSITE part of the field.

Secondly, you need to have a file called index.html in order for your site to load automatically when someone visits your URL.


p.s. Deleting that root (WEBSITE) directory isn’t a very high priority, as your site will run with it still there if you successfully re-upload to the proper directory. that current root directory will just be a dead folder you can delete later.

If I create a index.html file IN THE ROOT, does that automatically mean a user will go to the domain?

All of your files and site folders belong in /home/USER/
The primary file that belongs in your .com folder would be index.html (or index.htm).


OK. I’m at my wit’s end.

How do I delete ALL of the files in the root dir? That way I can just upload my site, correctly, with the index file?

Thanks for the help

I will

  1. ssh in with the correct user
  2. type command “mv” to rename current domain directory
  3. type “mkdir” to recreate domain directory

Now you have a brand new directory.

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